Wreck League

Wreck League

What have you been doing with your Sunday mornings?

TXRD has dedicated their Sundays to our favorite demolition crew: Banked Track Wreck League! It’s a no-commitment, laid back, practice-skills-and-scrimmage-a-little kind of thing.

Coached by league trainers, our Wreck sessions run 10 weeks long and end with a family friendly bout with announcers, beer, and wickedly styled uniforms.

Whether you are looking for a great way to get your toe-stops in the door with TXRD or just wanna kick it uncommitted-style, come tear it up on the wild side with our Wreck League!


1131 S Loop 4, Buda, TX


Aug 28th – Oct 2nd

Sundays, 6pm – 8pm

Public Bout: Oct 9th

Check out our FB page HERE to confirm that we’re in session!


$15 per session or $80 for all sessions


Bad ass, 18+, any gender, no derby experience required (should be able to stand, skate and stop comfortably!)


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