Being My Own Hero

By Roller Rookie Diaries July 16, 2020

My dream of joining TXRD began last fall when I started learning to skate through their Derby Academy program (taught by the wonderful mentor Lacy Bones). From my perspective, roller derby has really redefined who can be an athlete. It challenges every sport culture I’ve ever known but still shows up with the same amount…

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  • Hey Look Ma, We’re on Netflix!!

    By Mad Maxican July 2, 2020

    In the wee morning hours this past Friday, myself and other TXRD skaters tuned into Netflix from our quarantine sanctuaries to watch the release of what just might be the most exciting thing to happen in our league in the last decade. If you haven’t seen it already (what are you even doing reading this,…

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  • Black Lives Matter

    By Anya Marx June 11, 2020

    As our community’s conversation grows louder, TXRD stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Sean Reed, Monika Diamond, Tony McDade, Nina Pop, and Michael Ramos are only a few Black lives who have been murdered recently due to systemic racism, and we know there are so many…

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  • Rhinestone Cowgirls vs Putas del Fuego 7/13

    By Rat February 19, 2020

    Does the Old Town Road lead to the Calvello Cup playoffs, or to heartbreak and defeat? We’ll be one step closer to finding out after this Saturday’s bout as the Rhinestone Cowgirls return to the track to take on last season’s champions and fan favorites, Las Putas del Fuego. Buckle up, cowpokes, because these two…

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  • Holy Rollers vs Hellcats – 6/29

    By Shredpool February 19, 2020

    This Saturday, two “sister” teams leave their camaraderie at the door and prepare to throw down in a bid to advance one step closer to the Calvello Cup playoffs! The annual Holy Hell bout is upon us, and to butcher the immortal words of drag queen Lashauwn Beyond, “this is not TXRD’s best friend race.”…

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  • Cherry Bombs vs Holy Rollers – 8/10

    By Domme Draper February 19, 2020

    It’s the dog days of summer–school’s out, temperatures are sky-high, and the city’s troublemakers roam the streets with a thirst for violence and no adult supervision! The pious pupils of Sacred Heart have waited all year to get out from under the thumb of nuns and teachers, and they’re trading their Bibles for brass knuckles…

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  • Cherry Bombs vs Rhinestone Cowgirls Re-Cap

    By TXRD Newsroom February 19, 2020

    The Bombs are headed straight to the Cup! The two undefeated teams for the 2017 season went head-to-head in the battle of the year on August 19th! Bombs were exploding and the lassos were out to wrangle up the competition. If you weren’t there, you missed the biggest hits and toughest packs that we’ve seen…

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