The Tryout Diaries: Dani Darko

By Roller Rookie Diaries August 11, 2023

Dani Darko 🍒

“Blockstars” Roller Rookie & Cherry Bomb

I spent far too long watching Texas Roller Derby from afar and debating whether it was something I could do. Last fall I finally decided to throw myself in there, and I attended both of the Tryout Workshops. I hadn’t skated since middle school, and I knew absolutely nobody in TXRD. But that didn’t matter- everyone was so welcoming and friendly. I had told myself I was going to just check out the workshops, get back into skating, and maybe tryout sometime later in the future– but after those two workshops, I knew I had found a great group of people that I wanted to continue skating with. Some of my closest friends are people I got to know through the tryouts and rookies programs, and I’m so mind blown every day that I get to do this amazing sport with all these amazing people.

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