Black Lives Matter

By Anya Marx June 11, 2020

As our community’s conversation grows louder, TXRD stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Sean Reed, Monika Diamond, Tony McDade, Nina Pop, and Michael Ramos are only a few Black lives who have been murdered recently due to systemic racism, and we know there are so many more whose names we will never know. We support the current protests and their righteous demands for an end to police brutality and racial inequities. People of color have been doing this work for generations, and we believe it is long overdue that we get off the sidelines and engage more boldly in the fight for racial justice in our society.

We recognize that TXRD’s product and culture would not be possible without people of color – from skaters, volunteers, fans, and venue staff to those who work in the industries that provide us with the fuel and gear we need – and we are committed to being more engaged in the fight to end systemic racism. We also understand that TXRD is a primarily white community that has been very privileged and we feel it’s time to use that privilege to amplify the voices in the Black Community while we listen to them and learn from them. Many of us are dedicating time to learn more about how to be anti-racist, donating money to organizations engaged in anti-racist advocacy, talking to friends and family members, and taking to the streets to protest.

As a business, we are committed to donating $1,000 to Austin Justice Coalition and are organizing a forum for our league members to discuss what additional actions to take moving forward. We understand that this is just a bandaid on the actual issue. We will be taking time to create a plan of action to address our own diversity issues as a league, how we can be more inclusive, and how we can better support and amplify the voices of the oppressed.

If you’d like more information on how to get involved locally, please visit the Austin Justice Coalition