One Night Stand was a Success!

By TXRD Newsroom August 19, 2015

Saturday night’s One Night Stand was a blast! We had skating, adult beverages, t-shirts, and tons of music. Believe it or not, there was even a bit of rollergirl mischief. The weather was hot, but the evening shenanigans were hotter. We at TXRD want to  send a shout out to all of our friends and fans who showed up! We did have to turn away some skaters who were under 18. Never fret little 8-wheeled buddies; we have a junior skate in the works! Keep your eyes peeled for that very soon!

If you were there, do you want to do it again? If you weren’t, do you feel like you missed out? TXRD’s fall try-outs are coming up! Come getcha some! Don’t forget, it’s only here for two days, and then it’s gone. Try-out days are Aug 22nd or 23rd, from noon to 3pm. Bring $10 and be prepared to blow us away with your raw skating talent and fabulous derby persona. You, too, could be a part of TXRD  banked track roller derby, the most entertaining sport in the world.