Holy Rollers vs Hellcats – 6/29

By Shredpool June 19, 2019

This Saturday, two “sister” teams leave their camaraderie at the door and prepare to throw down in a bid to advance one step closer to the Calvello Cup playoffs! The annual Holy Hell bout is upon us, and to butcher the immortal words of drag queen Lashauwn Beyond, “this is not TXRD’s best friend race.” Expect to see tempers flare and fur fly as the Holy Rollers battle it out against the Hellcats!

Each team is taking to the track for the first time since the TXRD midseason draft, bringing with them a handful of shiny new teammates. The Rollers have picked up PBJ skater Queen of Hurts and welcomed back legendary jammer Prissy Galore, adding firepower to an already stacked roster. The Cats, meanwhile, welcome speedy jammers KCDC and Brawl Rat, and hard-hitting vet Copperhead to their litter. So far this year, the Rollers have been the team to beat, boasting a string of wins and no losses for the season, but their feline foes are thirsty for a victory and guaranteed to put up one hell (pun intended) of a fight!

Catch the action at the Palmer Events Center, and don’t forget to hit up your favorite skater for their discount code and snag your tickets ahead of time at universe.com/txrd before midnight on Friday. Procrastinators, never fear–tickets will be available at the door as well! Doors at 6, first whistle at 7.

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