Rhinestone Cowgirls vs Hellcats – 4/20

By Shredpool April 10, 2019

Holy cow? More like holy meow!

This 4/20, put down the devil’s lettuce and pick up a ticket to the most pulse-pounding, mind-expanding roller derby experience Austin has to offer as the Rhinestone Cowgirls take on the Hellcats!


The Rhinestones have dusted off their chaps after being trounced by a certain gang of parochial bullies, and they’re back in the saddle with winning on their minds! With fearsome captain Liv R. Damage temporarily out of commission, the Rhineys have enlisted the help of speedy Shamo the Shriller Whale and dynamo-beyond-the-binary Jose Queervo in their bid to send the Cats back to the pound with their tails between their legs.


The Hellcats are similarly smarting from their recent loss to the Cherry Bombs and grappling with several injuries on their roster, but these feral felines are still bringing plenty of their own power to the track! Strong PBJ skaters like Ieata BRAINS, Scrapegoat, Princess Die, and Ice Ice Bang Me are joined by some of the most promising rookies in the Hired Gun pool, making this a guaranteed close bout!