Skate By SkateWest 3/24-25

By TXRD Newsroom March 19, 2018

Two days of fast-skating, hard-hitting action!


Come see Skate By SkateWest!


For several weeks in March, Austin is packed with thousands of out-of-towners for the annual SXSW festival. The biggest action of all won’t be seen during those weeks, but in the weekend after from March 24th to 25th when TXRD’s hosts their very own banked track tournament, Skate by Skate West! Banked track teams from all across the US will be in attendance to battle it out on the banked track right in the heart of Texas! The competition is going to be fierce, there’s no way of telling who is going to take it all in this premier tournament.


Traveling all the way from Seattle, WA, the Tilted Thunder Rail Birds will be swooping in to snatch up points and lay on some huge hits, while South Side Roller Derby from Houston, Texas will be making the trek west to show off their years of experience and teach everyone a thing or two of how they do it in H-Town. San Diego Derby Dolls have been one of the top-ranked banked track teams for years, and they won’t be taking it easy on anyone, because that would just be rude. Last, but certainly not least, TXRD’s own All Scar Army will be up in the mix, showing the teams that ASA can not only put on a great tournament, but also put on some high-level moves.


That’s not all, though! In addition to the main attraction, Skate by Skate West will also be hosting a juniors bout! If you can’t make it out to see the big kids, you won’t want to miss the juniors who will be the future of banked track leagues all over the US. TXRD’s first juniors team the Junior Cadets will face off against the Tilted Thunder Rail Peeps! Don’t let the name “juniors” fool you—these kids have been playing for years and can hold their own with the best!
Join your favorite TXRD skaters for two days packed with high-level RDCL tournament play! There will be local food trucks, vendors, and more fun than you can possibly handle! You can purchase your tickets ahead of time online here. In true TXRD fashion, there will not be one, but TWO after-parties, one for each day! Saturday will be at The Jackalope South Shore and Sunday will be at The 04 Lounge.


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