Holy Rollers vs Putas del Fuego 8/5

By TXRD Newsroom August 1, 2017

Get thee to the Palmer for a battle between Heaven and Hell!


Will the Rollers go up in flames or will the Putas confess their sins?


The time has come for the forces Above and Below to come together in a clash of righteous fury and infernal flame! The saintly babes of Sacred Heart are gearing up to do battle with Satan’s little helpers in Texas Roller Derby’s infamous Holy Hell bout between the Holy Rollers and Las Putas del Fuego!


Rollers and Putas left their previous games tasting defeat (against the Hellcats and Rhinestone Cowgirls, respectively), but both teams put up a valiant fight, and have regrouped to come into this bout stronger, faster, and more cohesive than ever! Prepare to be wowed by the clever jamming prowess of Lyka Boss, Smitey Mouse, and Bible ThumpHer! Get ready to wince as blockers like Dyers Eve and Bidi Bidi Boom Boom rain agony down upon their foes! And keep an eye out for superstar Hired Gun$ like Trouble, Macho Mandy Savage, Huff Daddy, and Geminihilist as they continue to make their mark as TXRD’s most coveted end-of-season draft picks!


Who will triumph? Will it be the pious powerhouses, or the track-scorching cholas? Join us at the Palmer Events Center on August 5th to find out! Tickets can be purchased at universe.com/txrd for $20, and you can get $5 off by hitting up your favorite rollergirl for her skater code! As always, kids 12 and under get in free!