Not One, Not Two, but Three Types of Season Passes Now Available!

By brawl.rat February 19, 2020

Never miss a bout? Always wanna be front and center? To see every spin of the wheel, elbow thrown, and point scored? Need a new TXRD t-shirt? Well, have we got a deal for you!


TXRD’s whipping out the season passes again. Only this time we have 3 great opportunities for our fans to be right where they want to be every time their favorite teams hit the track- an option for each level of fandom, if you will.


General admission season tickets: these $125 “golden tickets” will get you in the door general admission-style to see each and every regular season bout we have in 2014. We’ll also give you a brand new t-shirt of your choice for stylin’ in, and by the time you’ve wrapped it all up and called it a year, we will have saved you $60.


VIP admission season tickets are for the highest level of fan-ness. These are for the ones that want to be down front, in the center of the action, sitting – on the edge only of course – of the best seats in the house. They, as well, will have a t-shirt of choice to point to when their team rolls by. These ticket holders are also given invites to exclusive TXRD events. Now we have your attention, don’t we? $250 gets it all.


Don’t care about all the hub-bub of all the other teams? Have a TXRD favorite? Bleed a certain color? Those are the fans we’re looking for now. $55 single-team season tickets are now available! Come whoop it up for that favorite group of girls you love so much all season long. Single team season tickets will get you in the door anytime your one-and-onlys are playing. Yes, you can have a t-shirt too, and we won’t even tell if you pick something non-team related – shhhh! Just bring your booty, your season pass of any type, and your hollerin’ voice. We’ll see you at the door – TXRD style!