Practice Space – Shiny & New!

By TXRD Newsroom February 19, 2017

Derby fans and aspiring rollergirls rejoice, because we’ve got some exciting news!

After over a month without a home of our own, TXRD is thrilled to announce that we’ve moved into a shiny new practice space!

Undeterred by the temporary absence of the banked track, we’ve been skating all over town for the past few weeks, from the TXRG Blood Shed to various outdoor courts around Austin. But the prodigal rollergirls have finally returned home to their Thunderdome, now located in the heart of the city at 211 E. Alpine Rd! We’ve resurrected our beautiful practice track, the Stinger, and are ready to rumble once again!


This also means the return of Skate Academy, where the brilliant Lacy Bones helps promising young rookie skaters build the skills they need to become tomorrow’s TXRD superstars! For those enrolled in the winter session of Skate Academy who have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to get back on the track, the time has come! The session will resume tomorrow, and those interested in future Skate Academy sessions can reach Lacy at!